Nerf is my guilty pleasure hobby pt. 2

I run out behind the door, jamie is counting to respawn. Before I can figure out what’s going on she yells: “Dax is in the sanctuary!”

Then my friend starts howling what jamie said over and over. Before I know it there are 15 zombies in the room with just me and my hammershot. I start to panic. I have to escape somehow.

I look at the exit and about 5 of them are guarding it. Three charge me and I take them out quickly. Jamie is still counting. 11 left to go. I start running in circles, like you do in zombie mode on Black Ops. I actually sort of form a “train” and I take out 4 more zombies. I reload but I have only 3 darts left. I shoot the two closest to the exit and I make a break for it.

I run up behind another zombie, savannah, and I shoot her.


I start running faster, I place my gun by my side to make it seem like I’m a zombie. It works. I run by three zombies and none of them give chase.

I huddle in a room, thinking.

At that point I was desperate. I had looked through my pack (there was ammo in it when I looked later but it was in a pocket I had forgotten about) and I couldn’t get my hand on any darts. I realize I don’t have any, even though I did, and I just decide to grasp the handle to the door with all my might.

A minute or two goes by and nothing. It’s almost 5 minutes when they start looking in the hallway I’m in and sure enough they found me after a tug of war with the door.

They got me because of the obvious, overwhelming numbers, but more important: I didn’t have a gun with substantial fire power, and I didn’t have a reliable ammo pouch.

In between that war and the next I invested in buying a Stryfe and modded it into a Stryfire, I purchased a Condor Outdoor chest rig and several 18 dart mags.

After that I began making specific loadouts, the chest rig/stryfire loadout if for games like CTF or Bomb Squad. I usually stick with a light loadout for zombies but plenty of ammo. I try to stay stealthy during zombies so unless they know where I am, I use the hammershot. If I have a large group going for me I use the stryfire. Soon I’ll have a Rival loadout which I plan on just being a few mags and an ammo pouch, nothing complicated like the chest rig.

If you want to get serious with Nerf feel free to talk to me. I love talking about nerf, it’s going to be my hobby for a while.

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