Beware Of Property Scams And Fake Agents In Internet.

Estate agent is a person and business who are responsible for arranging the selling, renting or management of properties, and other buildings. With their expertise, we so much rely on them. However some issues were reported that internet property scammers are roaming around the internet world although we cannot avoid them because internet accessibility are now powerful tool for every business. When transaction began and they have got you, they will ask for your down payment fee and if you pay- then they suddenly disappear. With this kind of issue, how can you defend yourself for not to be scam. Here is the following tips.

Colurum Agents

These colorum operators are generally the purpose behind the greater part of the land tricks in the nation. According to the Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Practitioners (IPORESP), there are more than 20,000 licensed real estate brokers in the Philippines but around 100,000 unlicensed agents are actively posturing to be owners, dealers, appraisers, brokers and even lawyers. Under Republic Act 9646, the Real Estate Service Act Law provides that even those who distribute flyers, occupy real estate property booths or act as agents without a license are considered colorum.
 It is important to make a background check for the agents you are dealing with. You can also ask an assistance from specialist like PRC since they have all the information of all the licensed broker in the Philippines.

Fake Advertising

We all claimed that internet is now a powerful tool for every businesses; therefore, scammers take advantage on this. The strategy is to create an account and post the house-detail thingy in some business directory site. Once you visit their post, it is important to double check their posted detail and then browse their official website, in case they have. If you see a strange things you need to back away.

Price attractiveness

Alongside with the details is the price value of every properties they offer. Scammers tend to offer a cheap price so that people can easily lure and respond to the adverts. Check if there is at least 20–25 % change in price from the original. If there is, maybe they are fooling around. Always remember small things can make a joke.

Scammers are marketer too.

Scammers are marketer too. They will make research and if they got you then they will send you some sort of emails or text messages. Once you engage in phone calls they give a lot of word of mouth until they hooked you. After that they will now ask for your payment through money transfer. Don’t get easily fool to this. Never pay to any money transfer as is this scammer’s payment routine.

I hope this tips will help you to not engage in any property scams when you are about to look for you desire house. And if you want a secure and safe transaction, don’t hesitate to visit as they give you a best houses for your living.