Food Carts; A Part Of Who We Are

Food Carts are in the streets, transport stations, everywhere. And that is something that we can pull away from us because of the need to eat. As these stalls are around, they becoming part of whom we are the part of our necessities in the sense that we need to eat, this stall with a wheels is been part of our lives.

Memories, there in the instance that there something that reminds us of a memory. The friendship that starts in eating together at one of the food carts on the streets, the love that you cherish when you and your special someone eat together in streets at the food cart. You can see them everywhere, this food carts helps us to remember those simple moments that matters most.

Convenience, in the life of a busy employee, worker you need a ready to eat food because you don’t have more time to prepare on your own. It is now easy to ease our hunger because of these food carts; we just buy and eat the food, a convenience that we enjoy in the times that we need.

Culture, this food carts are been part of our culture also. Very significant to know the values of these small stalls as it defines our culture to the world and many other cultures. It is easy to see the culture in the food we eat and it showcases the culture of our country to the world.

Fighting Spirit, as the world experience poverty, here in the Philippines they intend to survived the everyday living they push their food carts just to serve other people so they have earn something for their living and despite of all struggles they keep on doing the manage. Food carts expresses their though heart on facing everyday living that they never give up just to live.