When People Hate Your Poems

Portland writer infamously going viral

It’s 2010 and I’m sitting in my creative writing class soaking in all the things wrong with my story, according to my peers. It wasn’t as bad as I thought until it was Justin’s turn to speak.

“I didn’t even finish it was so bad”

Everyone in the class gets quiet and my heart drops, which prompts my professor to tell the class that our opinions doesn’t matter, if we want to give constructive feedback you tell the writer what they need to work on, not if you liked it or not.

Luckily I didn’t cry but I wanted to. But what does this have to do with now? After reactivating my Twitter account I saw this tweet, along with some internet buddies chiming in.

Collin Andrew Yost is a poet based in Portland featuring most of his work on his IG with a 13.4k fan base; featuring his signature look with a pack of cigarettes.

So again, what’s the problem and what the hell does this have to do with my first passage? I’m pretty sure Izzy didn’t think this was going to blow up on Twitter or spark the question, are you sharing your thoughts or just being a cyber bully?

I came a long way before accepting that criticism is going to come in every angle of writing, when you put yourself out there what do you expect? Not everyone is interested in giving feedback, some will. If you don’t learn to grow thick skin you might want to reconsider being a writer.

Hey, there’s been plenty of times we’ve looked, read or listened to something and said: “what the fuck is this?” So here’s a writing mantra to SWALLOW: for every person who doesn’t like your work, there is always someone who will. Get over it!

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