This month’s inspiring #DayOneofOne courtesy of @D_Coolant.

I’m a 34-year-old male from upstate New York doing engineering for a transport company in New Jersey. I have a loving wife, two kids and a huge love for sports cars – probably because I can’t keep one anymore. Also a Knicks fan.

Last month…

My best friend Evan (finally!) got married, and I’ve been nervous about my best man speech, but I got a few laughs out of the audience and big round of applause at the end.

Somehow, I managed to convince my boss to approve some very last minute vacation, so now I can get everything in place for our big anniversary weekend in March.

My baby boy Dylan is top of his elementary class so we took him to see Fantastic 4 and let him have all the sweets he wanted. The look on his face was just priceless.

And this month…

I’m going to start saving for our new SUV so we can finally get rid of our broken down Mitsubishi.

I’m going to tell my wife I love her more often because I don’t think I say it enough. She really is everything to me.

I’m gonna call my dad more.

David has been using Day One since 2013. Find him on Twitter @D_Coolant.

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