Same person, Same old Mistakes

I never in a million years thought I would be a victim to love by him. I am living with a sharp pain in my heart that has been caused by someone whom I confused with being the one. I’m convinced that jumping off a bridge may have hurt less. But then I remind myself that you never know what someone else’s true intentions are and that you should never blame yourself.

He had poisoned my mind and filled it with ideas of false love. And I am ashamed to say this wasn’t the first time. No matter how many people told me to be careful, I never listened. It would have prevented all this pain and time wasted. I have never believed that people deserved second chances but he made me believe he was worth it. After the first mistake he had committed, I became so insecure. I had blindly handed over my trust to someone who never deserved it in the first place. The greatest mistake is thinking that someone has the same heart as you. Unfortunately, nobody does. Months and months passed and I thought to myself that everything was going great. No arguments, no grudges, nothing. I repeat, everything was going great. But out of no where, he decided to cut me off. He decided I was someone he no longer needed. I felt like an object who was no longer of use. I cried for three straight days, wondered day and night what did I do to deserve this. I was humiliated. But after all those unnecessary tears, I realized that I am not losing anything. There is no reason to be sad, I lost someone who didn’t love me but they lost someone who loved them. Along the path, we will stumble upon people whom don’t appreciate our worth and take us for granted. This will leave us a lifelong lesson. The world may seem like its ending because of this temporary pain, but it is not.. It’s just the beginning

Time heals all wounds.