#8 How to Pitch Your Idea to a Friend

The breaking point! (Challenge included)

Hello, lovely idea-pitchers! In the last episode, you've read how important it is to have a vision and you had your time to think about possible cooperation with other subjects. Today we will find ourselves somewhere in the middle. Somewhere between your idea vision and the current state of your idea. We will look for the important breaking point of selling your idea.

So what do I mean by idea breaking point? Read on to find out!

#8 Breakthrough with the breaking point!

While doing your idea pitch, you ask your friend a lot of questions to get the most valuable feedback. You ask them about how are they solving the situation that your idea has solutions for. You ask them if they like your idea. If they think it might be a success, and why do they think so. However, there is one question that is far more important:

“When would you pay for using my idea?” or “What should my idea have so you would be happy to invest in it?”

Asking these questions would put your friend into a more thinking position right away. So far your friend might be agreeable and amazed by your idea, but as soon as his or her money is at stake, things are getting serious.

Let's say you have this idea for a cool weather app that you can talk to and it would answer with famous movie quotes or song parts. (Something like: “Winter is coming,” when it should snow tomorrow.) It seems like a fun thing to have, your friends might be amused and supportive, BUT would they actually put their money in it? Probably not. Okay, no worries. Just simply ask them, what should your app contain so they would actually buy it? And they might give you all the answers you need. Even if their answer would be: “Naah, I don't think I could buy something like this at all,” that's a good thing. It might show you that your idea seems fun but it's not rentable enough.

Although your friends might not be actually your target group. So even if they would be negative, it doesn't mean your idea is garbage. However, it surely will make you feel more cautious and push you to make more thorough research (which you should do in both cases, btw). But this time, focus your research on your target groups.

#8 Challenge Time!

Your challenge for this episode is to ask your idea pitch audience where is the breaking point of your idea. When exactly are they willing to invest money in your idea? It will show you how valuable your idea really is at the current time or how you can improve your idea to make it more rentable.

Complete the challenge and help other friendly idea pitchers by sharing your answers in the comments. We all might learn something new from your answers, or just have fun with it.

Congrats! You finished the eighth episode of how to become a great and friendly idea pitcher. Hopefully, you found something useful by reading this and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the next episode!

For all the idea-heads, you’re more than welcome to try our Dayllo ideas app which was created for all the OCD idea makers such as I am: click meee, I’m useful! So far on Google Play, but we are working on the iOS version as well and of course, we continue to make the product better on both platforms.

Thank you very much, have fun with your mind and stay tuned for the next and last episode — I’ll try to publish #9 on Monday!

Thank you and “Say day to your hello”!



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