I currently participate in the Youth entrepreneurship support program, an initiative of the Nigerian government through its Bank of industry, the objective: To provide a single-digit loan facilities of up to 10M Naira for budding entrepreneurs with viable business ideas to start or expand their businesses. One major criteria to qualify for this loan is a compulsory three-month intensive online and a week onsite training , during this training , we are subjected to hundred of study materials which must be studied and at the end of each course we sit for a formal quiz (CBT) in which we must score a minimum of 55% before being allowed to move to the next course , each of us have downloaded and studied an average 110 online resources including videos, audios, ebooks and worksheets and the training is just halfway. An average of 3 hours must be devoted to the training daily if one wants to advance progressively as every course is only up for a limited period .
The training, I must confess is one of the greatest I have attended , none of the classes I attended in my entire five years of university education is as rich and impactful as this training but I have my worries and my worries is not with the training, not with its facilitators, not with the African manager initiative- owners of the platform through which the courses are being taken neither does my worries lie in the Bank of industry — the initiator of the program. 
My worries however Is in the Nigerian government’s leadership style , If my country deem it fit to subject me to rigorous training as a prerequisite to being entrusted with a ten-million Naira loan, why are leaders in the Nigerian government not subjected to leadership and governance training before being allowed to contest for public offices ? I understand the apprehension and the cognitive condition of the government in entrusting 10 Million Naira to a young graduate with no prior business experience after all available data indicates a 70% failure rate in new startups in the country therefore One needs all the studies and mentorship one can get to scale a business in this ecosystem. 
Our leaders who are entrusted with lives and common wealth of the ordinary citizens do not see it necessary to subject themselves to the respective training to help them manage these processes efficiently but are crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s to ensure no beneficiary of the YES program defaults and in the instance of defaulting , beneficiary’s higher institution’s certificate is held up as collateral.
It’s time our electoral umpire and government do the needful by including intensive leadership training as parts of criterion for contesting or being appointed into any public office to ensure due diligence in carrying out their social responsibilities and never deviate from it.

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