The reality is that failure is generally unacceptable. On the other hand, failure is also completely unavoidable on the journey of success. This goes on to say that there is that phase of rejection (personally and or generally) that comes with every failure. The disappointment from your parents, bosses, colleagues, spouse, and the most difficult of all self. Failure is not as easy to brush off as many motivational speakers try to preach. Failure is painful, very painful. It pierces the heart and can crush you. All the hard work, sacrifices, expectations, aspirations, and at the end of the day nothing to show? I don’t know of anything that could be more heart-breaking.

It is expected that the more you fail the better you are at handling it. As encouraging as that may seem it is very distant from the reality. Unfortunately, more failure comes with more pain and more misery. I have failed too many times and I know exactly how it feels to disappoint yourself and those around you. The most difficult type of failures are the personal ones. The ones you can hide and keep all to yourself. Nobody to share in the pain, nobody to cheer you up or try to encourage you. This can easily lead to depression and extreme aggression.

So what is the way out? It’s simple. Enjoy the pain (crazy I know!). Take it all in, hit those very low points in your life. Let the pain get a grip on you, let it torment you, enjoy the suffering because it’s a very key part of the development process. It is easy to skip this phase and be positive about everything but then you will be losing a lot eventually. You will be losing the energy, the determination and drive that the suffering brings. Cry if you must, take a break, disappear, clear your head, only then can you get going again. Failure is not just something that is supposed to happen and leave you as the same person. Failure will crush you but then you must rebuild — without delay.

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