2016 Goal: Write About Beer, Games and Business

An introductory blog on my writing goal for 2016.

Happy New Year from these two drunks

New Year, new me and all that pish…

Like a lot of people, I’ve vaguely set-up some goals for 2016. Also like a lot of people, these goals will more than likely become stagnant come the end of January. I’m willing to let some slip, but one exception will be writing on a regular basis. This is something I’ve been meaning to do, but never get round to it. Call it laziness as there is no other excuse…

So that is why I’ve set out a simple plan to write more in 2016.


The plan is to write at least three times a week. I’m going to designate my Medium blog content to more personal content. For me, that is my love for beer and games, and my interest in Business Management, particularly Product Management and company culture.


My goal is to:

Write at least 250 words each week on beer, games and business.

Quite simply, post something beer related, something game related and something to do with business, whether that be business culture, management, products or aspiring companies.

Cheers mental actor person

Achieving Goal

To achieve this goal I will use the following online tools:

  • Medium: writing content
  • Evernote: ideas, notes and draft content
  • Buffer: scheduling social media posts on content

For those wondering, tools not online include my brain, hands and eyes.

What happens if I fail?

My face will melt off…

Better write that these blog posts then…

The Big Picture

I dreamed a dream of one day building a bar, that celebrates the culture of gaming and treats employees like gold. This is my first big step towards that goal. To become an expert in these fields, to build advocacy and build a steady follower base. This is a pipe dream, but hopefully one day it will become a reality. All about marginal gains or something like that…

Thank you Susan for dreaming your dream. Inspiration to us all.

What about your last blog Darren?

Yeah, it was called Healthy Gamer. It was crap. I stopped being healthy and never posted content. Time to move on.

Healthy Gamer never really amounted to much


Three topics, three blog posts. I’m making this goal public for accountability reasons. If I’m not writing, you all know I failed. Please, do pull me up on it if that is the case.

Interested in what I have to say about beer, games and business stuff? Give me a follow on Medium. Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter where I will post links to this blog. The Outcome is the same.

Cheers for reading.

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