2016 Goals

Hey look, another New Year, New Me blog post. This time I’m writing about my 2016 goals, for my family, friends and general public to view and scrutinize. I like the idea of accountability, so by putting it all out there, people can keep tabs on me to make sure I’m achieving my goals. Plus, any help and support along the way is always appreciated. Below are a set of goals, split across fitness, personal learning, coding, recreation, places to visit and my career.

Without further ado, here are my 2016 goals.


The big picture is to become the fittest I’ve ever been. It is coming up 5 years since I was last at my fittest, so 2016 will be the year I exceed my previous level. Doing the following will help bring me closer to this goal.

  • Weigh 80 kg or less by April 2016
  • Less than 15% body fat by August 2016
  • Complete basic access course for cross fit gym
  • Achieve 30 inch waistline
  • Run a mile and a half in under 9 minutes
  • Compete in at least 1 10k obstacle run
  • Take part in at least 1 York cycling race
I’ll be at Innerleithen Rat Race this year

Personal learning

I’ve set up some personal learning goals for this year. Too much time last year was spent just lounging around. I had intentions of achieving a few of the below, but never created a set of action points to do make it happen. Keeping it realistic, I’ve put together a few achievable learning goals for 2016.

  • Read 6 non-fiction books by June 2016
  • Read 3 fiction books by June 2016
  • 10 hours of learning a month on Treehouse
  • Complete Treehouse Ruby on Rails foundation courses
  • Google Analytics certified
A few of the books to read before June


Last year I wanted to learn more code, for both work and personal life. This task never amounted to much, and I gained little knowledge on coding last year. I even went as far to buy not one, but two Raspberry Pi computers. Both are currently gathering dust. I have the necessary tools to do so, it is just setting aside the time to make it happen. Keeping it basic, I’m bringing my goals forward from 2015, and aiming to complete them in 2016.

  • Develop a minimum viable product from Ruby on Rails learning
  • Produce and document 1 Rasberry Pi project
  • Build a basic database for Ruby on Rails project
  • Produce new personal website
Treehouse will be the foundation for my coding goals


Between all the hardcore fitness and casual learning, I wanted to set aside some time to achieve a few recreational items. The goals listed below focus a bit more on my future growth, hopefully making me more capable of getting where I want to be.

  • Build a custom PC
  • Design and build Bottlecap table
  • Write a short blog at least 3 times a week
  • Homebrew at least 5 different beer types
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload at least 10 videos
  • Cycle from York to Hull
Logo idea for potential YouTube channel based on gaming themed food and drink

Places to visit

In 2015 I was fortunate to travel to Macau and Las Vegas. It was a fantastic opportunity, all thanks to my job. This year I’m going to Florence for a family holiday. Any extra time abroad is always a bonus, but for 2016 I’m going UK based sites. Mostly bars to be honest…

  • BrewDog Two-bit arcade bar, London
  • Four Quarters arcade bar, London
  • Loading bar, London
  • BrewDog Dogtap, Ellon
  • Doghouse Merchant City, Glasgow
  • Beavertown Brewery, London
Two-bit basement bar in London


The sensible idea is to keep the specifics of these goals private, but as a general overview I’m hoping to achieve the following in my 2016 career:

  • Launch and continued development/support of two major projects
  • Updated documentation for all owned products
  • Updated internal presentations on all owned products
  • Introduce stage 2 and 3 of the internal application plugins
  • Business proposal for skill-based gaming
  • Business development project on developing future roadmap
  • Draft and produce mini guidebook to industry terms and products
Generically crap career clipart


So there you have it, my planned goals for 2016. At later points throughout the year I’ll flesh some of the goals into larger milestones, but for now I just wanted to get them out there in public view.

I’ve created a Basecamp project for my 2016 goals. Click on the link if you want to see how many goals I’ve completed.

My Basecamp 2016 goals

Thanks for reading!

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