Daz Gordon
Jul 16 · 1 min read

I’m going to write 1000 blog posts, starting today 16th July 2019.

I was inspired by the below quote from my favourite author (see Atomic Habits).

Your 1st blog will be bad, but your 100th will be great — James Clear

By writing 1000 blogs at a minimum of 250 words, I’m hoping to not only form a habit, but improve my capabilities as a writer.

Back in 2016 I committed to writing a minimum of 300 words, 3 times a week. It was both a pleasure and chore depending on my mood, mindset and time contraints. It was all worth it however, with my ritual ultimately playing a big role in gaining the exposure that landed my dream job. I went from 0 blogs to over 150 in a year, improving my confidence and skillset along the way.

I’m going to try again, but with more grit to deliover daily rather than weekly.

What am I going to write about? Not too sure yet. Beer, behavioural psychology, gamification, pizza. Who knows.

I’m still on my writing journey. By no stretch am I a writer, blogger or any other such title. Maybe one day.

Here is to the next 1000 posts.


Daz Gordon

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I’m a ‘normal’ person with no superhuman levels of focus. I write about stuff including productivity and not just things reworded from a Buzzfeed article

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