Personal Vision and Values

A set of personal values to guide my personal and working life.

In the midst of some project work this weekend, I started to define a set of guiding values that would be the basis for team project work. It needs some tweaking, but so far it seems promising.

It got me thinking about my own values, and how much of what I’d written down did I actually endorse on a daily basis. Most of it resonates with me, but some of the values certainly feel through the cracks on the down days. Before commencing with any further values, it felt best to define a set for myself.

Values that can be practiced on a daily basis, shared with others and improved upon at given stages. The below vision and values are inspired by some of my favorite businesses, most importantly Buffer embrace creating the best work environment possible. You can check out their vision and values here.

My Vision

To focus on a single task at a time, and build both myself and products to be simplified and fit-for-purpose. This means no clutter and no baggage. Only focus on what really matters. In addition, I want to always be rethinking both my current situations and rethink traditional business practices.

Continuous improvement

To continously improve my health, fitness, mental wellbeing and knowledge. To work on something each day that contributes to the above.


I want to focus both my personal and work life on an established set of values, that will contribute to my current and future career, relationships and self-improvement. Inspired by Buffer , Basecamp and BrewDog, I wanted to put these values at the forefront of everything I do.

1. Be happy

  • Approach tasks in a positive way
  • Avoid criticizing or condemning team members
  • Question everyday is this what makes me happy

2. Always be transparent

  • Encourage transparency at every stage
  • Share knowledge and information at any opportunity
  • Use tools that enable open communication with my team

3. Endorse a learning environment

  • Strive for improvement and self development
  • Practise habits that improve work structure and health

4. Don’t have an ego

  • Be humble. Stop using ‘I’ at any opportunity.
  • The moment you have something better to present, share it.
  • Give honest credit where due. Don’t force it.

6. Be clear and concise

  • No riddles. Talk, code and design in a way that everyone understands.
  • Don’t make assumptions. Ask first.

7. Live smarter

  • Approach new ideas, thinking ‘what can I do right now?’
  • Start project work fresh
  • Be engaged. If not, don’t do it
  • Focus on a single task

8. Do the right thing

  • Do what is best for the project and the team
  • Correct mistakes, and take no shame in making an odd choice
  • Forgo profit and gain, focus on the best solution

What do you think of these values? Do you have some honest feedback and how they could be more true to be, or any way in which they could be improved. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

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