The #PunkItForward Picture Story

It was the weekend, and we were having a party for a friend and colleague leaving at the end of next week. The prerequisite party criteria for a bunch of people that love good beer is of course good beer, ideally amazing beer.

So of course we made a BrewDog beer order, filling our box up with beery delights such as Elvis Juice, Pumpkin King, Dog E, Tokyo and Punk IPA.

We also took this opportunity to finally fulfil BrewDog’s #PunkItForward offering.

What is #PunkItForward?

#PunkItForward is a special promotion by BrewDog, exclusive to Equity Punks. If you order a dozen 330ml Punk IPAs (can or bottle) then upload the picture to a social media site, showing at least 6 pals enjoying the brew, BrewDog will refund the difference in the form of Beer Bucks, for spending at a BrewDog bar of your choice.

You can find out more about #PunkItForward here. Not an Equity Punk? You should be! This is just an example of the mainly perks you gain for just a one off £95 investment. Find out more about investing here. Hurry. Only 3 days left!

What’s the catch of #PunkItForward?

None! Honestly. That is it. You order the beer, share it with friends, take the picture and get your money back to spend at a BrewDog bar. It is a win for everyone. BrewDog generates brand loyalty and potential customers, friends get some of your awesome beery goodness, and you get beer bucks to spend at a BrewDog bar. Sweet deal!

So I took the picture, and have prepped to share it with the world wide web. In theme of blogging however, I wanted to expand the story behind the picture.

The Story of the picture.

Every picture has a story. I could just share this picture on Twitter, and be done with it, but I wanted to expand upon the story behind this #PunkItForward picture, and how it came it to be.

Left to right: Daniel. Richard, Rhidian, Joe, Eddie, Mariusz and Tom

Each person has varying degrees of beer preference and knowledge. For me, that is the best thing about this picture. We are all friends and colleagues, we all like beer, but we are not all BrewDog regulars…yet.

So to give some context to each picture, I’ve listed from left to right, each person and their BrewDog story (so far).

Daniel: Friday night was his first time drinking a BrewDog beer. Daniel thought Punk IPA was pretty darn awesome. I’ll definitely be inclining him towards future BrewDog beers and office orders.

Richard: Loves a good BrewDog beer. Richard brought his own BrewDog beers to the party, including Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club. He spent the last few weeks in Leeds at the Shuffledog bar, enjoying a Pieminster Pie and a pint of Punk IPA. We went to visit him last week for a game of Shuffleboard and a glass (or two) of Tokyo.

Rhidian: Not a regular BrewDog beer, but appreciates that it is good stuff. Living with Tom (fellow Equity Punk on far right), he is not unfamiliar with the BrewDog brand, and is open to trying what we have to offer. Rhidian will be Tom’s guest at the 2017 Punk AGM.

Joe: More inclined to the darker beers and not a massive fan of hops, but thinks Punk IPA is pretty decent. I’ve tried to win him over on previous BrewDog beers, but Punk seems to hit the happy spot for now. Joe has joined me at the Two-bit bar in Shoreditch, as well Shuffledog Leeds. He is aware a good portion of our time will be spent at BrewDog York in August. This works well for him.

Eddie: Drinker of shit beer, and the man that brought a case of Budweiser to a craft beer fanboys house party. Shame on you Eddie. He does like a good beer though, especially a decent lager. His uncle has opened up a brewery in Edinburgh, specialing in a lager with an absolutley awesome branding (future blog). Eddie won’t deny that Punk IPA is a good beer. Potential convert…maybe.

Mariusz: Likes a good beer, and open to trying anything. Mariusz is aware of my BrewDog ramblings, so was quite happy to give Punk IPA a try. From my memory, the verdict was pretty solid. My hunch is that Mariusz will be pretty delighted with the BrewDog York opening in August.

Tom: Fellow Equity Punk. Tom and I share a bond over awesome BrewDog beer. He was the other half of the most recent BrewDog order, loves a Punk and Tokyo, and was my guest at last year’s Punk AGM. Tom needs no pursuasion. Tom has become a staple beer buddy. When meeting Tom, it was so refreshing to find someone that would try new beers, and was not concerned about moving away from the safe bets (industry standard shite).

So there you have it, the story behind the picture. As a note, to organise a bunch of people to pose for a picture drinking beer is no easy task. I appreciate them taking a minute to pose for the picture and not make a mockery of my attempt at winning back some beer bucks. Thanks guys! And thank you BrewDog for running such an amazing promotion, giving back to the fans in such a sincere way.

Thanks for reading.