Way back when I worked at Google, I wrote a series of posts on Google’s Trillian. At that time, I contemplated writing a gRPC client for a Trillian personality in Rust.

I’ve succeeded (barely) and, for closure, am referencing the post here:

NB Feedback welcome but — please be gentle — I’m a Rustacean Noob ;-)

NB The client is for a different Trillian personality than I used in these posts but, it’s sufficiently trivial that it should be straightforward to migrate it.

Update: https://pretired.dazwilkin.com

I (p)retired from Google last week.

The plan is to continue to do more of the same mostly using Golang (though I’m learning Rust), mostly using Kubernetes (though Docker Compose is better for local development) and mostly using Google Cloud Platform (though I’ve a soft spot for DigitalOcean and will continue to use that too).

I’m writing a personality for Google Trillian, plan to write at least one more, and have several ideas for this compelling platform.

I plan to stop using Medium. Partly to draw a notional line under my musings as a Googler. More because I just don’t like Medium’s write-but-don’t-read constraint. I started with Medium because there’s a Google Cloud Platform publication but this is no longer a limitation for me (or GCP).

Thanks for reading my stuff and best wishes!

Although I am familiar (and a fan of) the old ${GOPATH} way, to remain current and because of the many benefits, I’ve begun to use Go Modules.

Like others, I found the switch to be confusing. So…

Before Modules

export GOPATH=${WORKDIR}/go
export PATH=${GOPATH}/bin:${PATH}
mkdir -p {${WORKDIR}/go/src/foo, ${WORKDIR}/go/src/foo/bar}


Daz Wilkin

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