Getting HLF to run in Kubernetes (GKE) can be a little complex.
Ira Miller

Very helpful, thank you. Your solution to the DNS resolution sounds very interesting and I’ll try it. I’m getting consistent naming by fronting nodes with Services. IIUC that should be equivalent to your approach with Statefuls.

I was trying to follow Helm’s best practice for naming which would avoid collisions with multiple deployments but is probably over-engineering and using different namespaces would suffice.

Your controller is very interesting. And, from what I can tell, is exactly what’s needed. Chaincodes must be regular Kubernetes (managed) resources for consistency, flexibility etc. Did you draw inspiration from other sources for this? [If so, I’m interested to read them] Or did you just have an epiphany? [If so, I’ll also prevail upon you to please post about this very interesting solution ;-)].

I’m headed out on vacation and then relocating to a different State so I’m going to be low-bandwidth on this for a while but very interested in finishing the job I started.