The Perils of Being a 20-Something Straight-Out-Of-College Nitwit With a Background In IT and No Experience

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How do I have a job in web development? Why do I even consider myself a web developer?

I don’t even have my own website.

Two months ago I graduated from University with a degree in Information Studies and Communications– although I like to say I graduated with a specified background in Social Media even though I dropped out of that program after one whole semester. And although I have gained exceptional experience using social networking applications for professional use, immediately after graduation I decided it would be a good idea to up and get my very first job as a website dev. For my family’s door installation company.

Naturally you see the underlying problem here.

I’m not an intern. I’m no volunteer. I am the only person here who has any idea what a Microsoft Excel proficiency even is, yet here I am, trying my best to come up with solid web designs using my mediocre (at best) HTML and CSS skills.

The worst part is definitely the fact that I know I don’t deserve this position. At the very most I should be coming up with campaign ideas for Twitter or posting pictures of the door maintenance process for a company Instagram. I shouldn’t be coding websites.

This is what an IT degree gets you though! A worthless job and very real feelings of regret and purposelessness. The broadness of the degree was even enough to fool me into thinking that I could handle a job of these specifications.

In reality, I would have even been lucky to land an internship with my qualifications.

- Matt J. Professional Nitwit.