The Greatest Generation of All
Lori Gama

This is literally nothing more than a “my kid is awesome” fanboy ramble.

In the real world just about everything you used as proof of the internet generations greatness (well everything except the child millionaires) is actually proof of how soft we have made them. From the stupid-ass bully laws, the sissy cartoons that are little more than social engineering sessions, the fact that the average kid on the street has literally ALL of the known knowledge of mankind at their fingertips yet can barely tell you what state they live in never-mind a single relevant thing about whats going on in the world.

What we have now is a horde of pansy, soft-skinned, wanna-be social justice warriors. they think nearly everything is about them, they can’t focus or think logically never-mind maintain a coherent thought for longer than five seconds. And almost to a person they are group thinkers. They think EVERYTHING need some kind of social media consensus! they are stupendously narcissistic, and have next to no major ambition or drive…generally.

We’re talking about a generation of kids that can’t even be bothered to get a driver’s licence. Most don’t have jobs and have no intentions of getting one. And lets not forget the whole “if you have an opinion that I don’t agree with, I WILL take to social media and try and destroy you” concept of “activism” they have been poisoned with.

I laugh at how the they are are against intolerance, yet are the most intolerant.

The worse trait of your so called “greatest generation of all”; is thanks to the majority of them being raised by single mothers the can only “fweel” instead of THINK.