Pathfinder Quests Tutorial

4 min readMay 23, 2023

We have launched the Pathfinder quests to reward our first users! You have the opportunity to claim rewards of up to 20 USDC by participating in Zealy activities. To be eligible, you need to complete quests in the “Pathfinder” category on Zealy’s quest board. You have until May 31st to finish these quests. In this article, we’ll uncover how to take part in a few complex quests.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to participate.

  1. Go to the Pathfinder feature on DeCommas.

2. Choose the desired stablecoin to invest in by sorting the list based on the highest APY (please note that the numbers are not currently very high, but it’s just the beginning of Pathfinder’s long story). At the moment, USDT, UCDC, and DAI are available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche networks.

3. Click the blue Invest button and selects the desired token/currency to invest in the chosen destination.

4. Select the amount to invest and choose the route that best suits you. Please note that only one route will be presented. If there is more than one route available, select the one that fits you best, whether it has the highest APY or the lowest transaction fees.

5. Click on the “Start Swap” button in blue, set the allowance if necessary, and confirm the transaction.

6. When the swap process is complete, click the “Next Step” button to proceed with the deposit into the vault.

7. Enjoy the magic! The Pathfinder will take care of the rest of the work and perform all the necessary transactions to deposit the assets without requiring your attention.

8. And it’s done!

9. Submit info about your wallet here to complete it.

Please, take into account, that Pathfinder invest transactions can take some time, the approximate waiting time and fees counted all over the networks will be displayed right below the Swap window:

Pathfinder works in fully automatic mode and will perform all the operations over the blockchains by itself.

Wrapping up

After finishing all the quests in the “Pathfinder” category, be sure to follow our social media accounts, such as Twitter or Discord, to stay informed about the distribution of USDC rewards.

Once announced, you can check your wallet to confirm if you are eligible. If you have already completed the quests before, you can also engage in other fun activities that offer USDC rewards, like the DeCommas x TheRollup campaign. To learn more, refer to this article and stay tuned for additional updates.




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