DeHorizon’s strategic round led by Griffin Gaming Partners, and what’s next!

2021 is a fast-growing year for DeHorizon. In the past year, DeHorizon has made a few trails in NFT and IP sectors alongside the core game loops we are day-to-day developing. For the competitive and promising metaverse market, we are committed to working towards more incredible achievements in 2022!

Today, we are delighted to announce our strategic round led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Circle Ventures. Super excited to hand with them to embark on the journey of making DeHorizon become an innovative leader for the next generation of metaverse game experiences.

Greetings from our new investors:

“We are thrilled to have been voted into DeHorizon DAO and to be partnering with this very additive group of investors. Shane’s enthusiasm and vision for the metaverse is exciting and inspiring, and the team has a strong gaming and creative track records to match,” said Griffin Gaming Partners.

“We’re excited by the growth and mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming and the metaverse, and are even more excited to be supporting DeHorizon as their all-star team builds the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems,” said Jeremy Fox-Geen, CFO of Circle.

The latest strategic round of financing does endorse us a lot. We believe that the top-class venture capital firms will help us incubate a more fantastic portfolio of entertaining games and increase the size of the team to progressively expand the scope of the DeHorizon metaverse.

A Medieval Fantasy Game: Effigy

Effigy is a medieval fantasy game, taking place in a mysterious and mountainous region.

“Effigy embraces the core philosophy of crowdsourced world creation. We want to take our community on the journey to helping us create this new fantasy medieval world from literally the ground up. Be a part of the landowner Nobles in early 2022!” said Todd, Chief Product Officer at DeHorizon.

With the words from Todd, let’s take a closer look at Effigy now! 👇

When can we meet Effigy? Friends from Discord may ask about it. Actually, Effigy is still under development. The process from a virgin concept to an easy-to-play product is long and harsh. Of course, we will make the buds off to make it happen!

What’s next for DeHorizon metaverse

Are you ready for DeVerse?

As one of the first gateways having exclusive experiences in DeHoriozn metaverse, DeVerse with its particular legendary-war story is approaching you! 2/22/22 is a big day of the DeVerse Internal Test that all friends in our Discord are keenly expecting.

Beyond that, DeVerse Internal Test Whitelist Airdrop is also working in progress. Winning the airdrop to have an advanced opportunity of exploring and harvesting in DeVerse.

Join our Discord for full details.


We are thrilled to show you what we have built-in DeVerse. CAN’T WAIT to see you in DeVerse!!!

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