Poets in the 21st Century are fighting a war against the banal influencers of the status quo. In an age where there are so many platforms for self expression, a writer’s words are being watered down and dismally squashed — the poet’s voice is drowning in static. The arts, in general, are being squeezed into a cubicle and the artist is barely breathing.

For all of the doubters, Poetry is necessary. To those who think poetry is a “waste of time,” please continue reading. It is the poet that consoles you when you are broken, refused, beaten, defeated, destroyed. It is the poet that enables the world to become a better version of itself.

Why poetry?

It is what’s human in all of us. When your world is shattered; when you think to yourself that you can’t make it through this day; when you’re completely down on your luck, consider this, in what sort of world would we be living in if there were no words of solace to build us back up? It is poetry that re-ignites the flame in the soul. It is poetry that re-constructs a person’s self image. It is poetry that puts human kind in touch with nature, the universe, the thing that created us all.

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