Do you let your #pimples wait to explode? What do you do when pimple comes to visit? Do you squeeze & pick them until their juices run from your skin? Really, I want to know.

I want to know what you do to them when no one is looking… When it’s just you and pimple & the frustration enters the scene.

Do you go to your chemical arsenal and tear away your skin’s natural #oils and layers or try natural options that relax and soothe the skin? Which methods have worked for you? I love utilizing #organic lemon juice, baking soda, honey, and tea tree oil in my #skin regimen. These are all #wellness promoting ingredients.

Have you ever heard of tea tree oil? It’s amazing! It has #antibacterial properties and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry like many alternatives available on the market. Remember, a #pimple doesn’t mean that you need to suck the moisture from your skin. Our skin releases #natural oils but these are a product of what we put on or in our bodies.

#Fried chicken, ice cream, and french fries are yummy but my skin doesn’t like them. On the other hand, my skin and taste buds also love #avocado and #coconut in its many forms- which is interesting because I used to hate it…

I go off on tangents and I’ve decided to write how I speak.. So..

Do you remember the first time you had a mango? Oh my gosh.. I just remembered.. Do you remember how you loved it’s messy juiciness. It was like it gave you permission to be bad.. Mango was like … “yeaaaa.. Eat me.. Love me.. I’m mango…”

Mangoes are actually also amazing for your skin. They’re full of fiber and antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Eating foods that keep your digestive system #happy and keep your body in an #alkaline state also helps to keep your face free of pimple and his messy friends.

Leave a comment and share what you do when pimples come to visit. Check out our herbal healing butter for a skin loving option that contains tea tree oil and other therapeutic ingredients for acne or irritated skin. 👾