The other day, my mom told me that I have to prune the dead branches to grow stronger. The more I think about this concept, the more I realize how it applies to so many areas of life.

In gardening, to grow healthy plants, weeds have to be pulled and dead branches have to be cut. When you skip the pruning process, you let dead areas of the plant linger and risk losing the whole plant. Through neglect or ignorance, lack of pruning leaves space for loss and destruction.

If we are working on creating something and growing in our lives and we keep people around who suck the life out of us, we will not be as strong and resilient as possible. Relationships that leave us feeling drained, unhappy, worried, and nervous leave space for destruction. Pruning is necessary in our personal lives.

Do you have people in your life who take & take & take, leaving you feeling empty. Many of us keep people around who add no value to our lives. You might even be one of these people who stays around people because of what they can do for you. Do you want to be a dead branch or do you want to add to other’s lives?

Do you feel like it’s time for some pruning in your life? Are the people around you uplifting and supportive or draining and exploitative? Can you trust them? Can you be trusted?

Pruning is a constant practice. People and relationships change. Don’t let the weeds and dead branches take over. Get those shears ready and get to clipping.

(Please don’t cut anyone and try to blame me.) :p

Happy holidays