What Is the Useful Apps Club?

Posted on June 6th, 2016

Tech-enhanced Life is a benefit corporation created to improve the quality of life for aging members of society. Tech-enhanced Life created the Useful Apps Club to help the over 50 demographic get the most out of their smartphones and tablets by curating app collections and creating instructional materials.

There is a big gap in app usage between the generations. According to Marketing Charts, Nielsen reports indicate that Millennials spend the most time with apps.

Millennials (18–24) spend 47 hours per month and older Millennials (25–34) spend 46.3 hours per month. Gen X (34–54) spends 44.2. 50–64 spend about 33 hours per month. Those aged 65 and older spend under 25 hours per month.

The Snapchats and Periscopes of the world may get the attention and the press, but there are many useful and innovative apps out there for the aging demographic. It does not really matter if the older generation uses the hottest apps, it matters that they get the most out of their device.

If you don’t feel you are really getting the full benefit of your smartphone or tablet right now, then the Useful Apps Club might be for you,” explains Dr.Richard G. Caro, co-founder of Tech-enhanced Life. “We’re also catering to people who don’t have a mobile device but have toyed with the idea of acquiring one. Many would-be buyers worry that the learning curve of a smartphone is too steep to justify the cost.

The company offers a range of services and content to members. Here is how it works:

Members of the Useful Apps Club receive a monthly email containing an introduction to a new app or group of apps. The email will include links to video lectures, audio discussions and online lessons that explore the app’s full capabilities and benefits. Interactivity is an important component of Tech-enhanced Life’s approach to teaching people about the universe of mobile apps. After absorbing the instructional material, club members will have an opportunity to ask questions or add comments, then receive answers and feedback from Tech-enhanced Life analysts or their peers.

Like any organization, Tech-enhanced Life needs funding. Instead of going the non-profit route, the creators decided to become a benefit corporation because they “believe in the power of market-driven capitalism as a force for change, which is why we are a PBC rather than a conventional non-profit organization.”

Originally published at ibpe-benefitcorps.postach.io on June 6, 2016.