Single payer is really single slayer, terminating the individual’s control over life and death…
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Ahhhh, so we should let the the insurance monopolies truly treat us as cattle, and deprive men and women in this country of affordable care that covers basic medical costs, eliminates premiums, and saves 95% of American households precious capital. Moreover, Single Payer eliminates Financial barriers for lower income Americans by eliminating co-pays and deductibles. Furthermore, Single Payer moves us towards UHC, which must happen as America is the only western industrialized nation that doesn’t have universal health coverage. Making the Federal govt the primary Payer in the insurance market satisfies the needs of millions of Americans, rather than the wealthy few at the top who can afford their insurance. You’d rather market anarchy? Allow big business, whose natural tendency is NOT to provide affordable care, but to grow, expand, and maximize profit efficiency, to take control of the entire system? Absolutely irresponsible. Yet, perhaps your solution is our best option. Depriving people of basic care would help push America towards its much needed revolution. Then, once capitalism is eliminated and the concept of wealth eliminated altogether, perhaps we can truly socialize healthcare, education, and business’ around the country.

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