Single payer is really single slayer, terminating the individual’s control over life and death…
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Remember, if we shut the door on the right to oppress each other, through capital, we may discover previously unknown rights and riches. The likes of these riches have seen before been seen in the course of human events. From the civilizations of Sumer and Babylon to our modern America, the world has experienced a consistent liberalizing trend. We have gone from despotism to Republicanism in the course of a few millennia, that trend must continue. WE must push forward that trend. And in pushing forward that trend we must remember that collective liberties are far more significant than those of personal liberties, once such personal liberty the right to essentially oppress others through business and capital. Our collective liberties, the right to assemble, association of the press, and the right to reject government that does not satisfy the needs of its people, are the true tenets of a democratic society.

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