Google vs. Authors

Dear authors,

Why did I have to buy your books? I spent my hard-earnt moneys, brought them home, found a place for each of them among their peers. Read them, re-read them, made them mine. Cared about them. Visited exotic lands and alien planets through them. Met lovely and devious and daring characters within them. Those books of yours, of mine… They even warned me about the man-eating snail army coming from the east.

Now THAT’S transformative.

How about I get my money back? That money I spent on books now somehow being… owned or pwned by Google. I mean, those books are no longer mine but everyone else’s and Google is making money from them. So, could I possibly have my money back? Or does it only work the other way around? By the «other way around» I mean from everyone and anyone to Google, just in case.

Oh, yep, I forgot. Opting out like you’re not going to burn in Google Hell? I’m taking a risk myself for making this comment: this is the interwebs, bad things may happen if you don’t speak good of Google.

That’s why they say «don’t be evil», right?

But I had to. See, authors and readers happen to be on the same boat, now under new… management?

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