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It’s the 12th time I’ve heard of this stuff. At first I thought it wast just a joke. Then I came to think it was some sort of a prank. Gone wild.

On fire. But colorful.

Then I thought of the elderly, quite a good exercise to keep their hands flexible, their eyes sharp, eye-hand coordination. For the common elderly, I guess. It was just yesterday that grandpa broke the electric skateboard he got this Christmas, so he’s now back on his longboard. Again. Not bad for a kid born right after WWI. I know exactly what he’d do if I gave him a coloring book, no matter for kids, for adults or XXX: he’d roll it up and beat me to death with it. Twice. And then get his nordic skates (currently somewhere in the cellar) to roll over my fresh grave. You know, he’s a nice guy. Longevity and such.

So then maybe, just maybe the high tide hasn’t hit here. Yet. Anyhow it seems to have something to do with watching Netflix while using color pencils at the same time. Of the human adults which I know they can do two things at a time, half of them don’t know what Netflix is (God bless them, free bandwidth). The other half can be halved into those who watch Netflix and those who have sex every now and then. And by «every now and then» I mean «too busy and/or tired to care about coloring books».

Yeah, this is such an interesting… neighborhood.

Ok, I’m searching for downloadable colorwhatevers. I guess I’m one of those but you know I’m one of those. Now you know too much, don’t think about it.

Kind regards.