Thoughts on copyright in the digital age
Pax Ahimsa Gethen

There’s beauty in your words. In fact I believe the beauty lies in the ideas behind those words. I’m so serious I’m sure funny..

This is my second reply regarding this subject, you may notice my particular scent of humor [sic]. Authors, writers, Google, art, books, rights, wrongs. Stealing a book versus stealing a car. I wrote it so I own it, somehow for some time. I want it so I get it and free beer tastes better. It’s so wrong when so-called pirates «share» apps and games otherwise sold in Google Play that when Google itself behaves in such a manner we can’t but treat them… Hold on, hold on. That was close.

What would Google do if someone copied what they do have for sale, rebrand it in a transformative way and then shared it with whoever wanted it, just little pieces at a time? I’m not even going into AdMob or captchas, I think it’s clear enough.

Both sides have valid points, some more valid than others. But both sides are wrong one way or another, both their weaknesses have been exposed by now (I think). But. Why have we «legit users» to pay for stuff and Google hasn’t to even ask for permission to use what we paid for?

I know why I bought my books, each of them. Why does Google need all books in full? Why don’t they ask for permission to use the portions they say they’d show? Will they allow Yahoo and any other engines to search that database they’re gathering? How can such an advantage over competitors not conflict with some vague greater good? Not getting it? It’s that old smell like coming from Denmark.

Google is Soylent Green. They offer a free service and make millions, because people is Google’s merchandise. Yes, that would be you. Search history, emails, googledocs and such. People don’t know or don’t care, and keep feeding the giant. Then the giant gets away with it.

They first came for the books, but as I wasn’t a writer… Rings an old tune, does it? So, two questions: What’s next and what does this mean for people «owning» goods or rights now «Grabbed by Google»?

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