I’m not going to point fingers because it’s not about who, it’s about all the lazy blog reposts radio people try to pass off as “content” or “entertainment”. A friend of mine who works at a station posted this YouTube video:


(don’t bother watching it, it’s dumb and I’m going to explain what it is anyway). It’s a YouTube video of someone, who has more followers and engaged viewers than a vast majority of shows/stations of people I know, explaining how ketchup cups unfold to a larger size. The only effort this person put into their radio stations blog post was writing the title, he/she didn’t even bother to write an interesting post to accompany it. COME THE FUCK ON!

This was early internet “lifehacks” years ago. So, zero originality from both my friend AND the YouTuber. But you know what he did that my fiend didn’t? He MADE the video! Why didn’t you? Why didn’t ANY OF YOU?! Know why he’s more popular than you are? Because people like who he is (I don’t, but that’s besides the point), they enjoy seeing him be himself (his character, whatever).

The radio industry, amongst other things, has become lazy! Why is nobody going to your websites? Listening to your stations? Because you’ve given them no reason to. This kind of content is shoved down their throats by 5,000 other websites and outlets. And most of them are doing it better than you. WHY ARE YOU DOING THE SAME THING AS EVERYONE ELSE?! Why are none of you being original? At the very least, if you can’t be original, DO IT BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE! Because this? This is not being better.

When you look back at the golden age of radio, when you think about all the things about radio that you loved, it’s the person giving you the content. Dick Clark, Wolfman Jack, Casey Kasem, Big Daddy Tom, Howard Stern, Dr. Johnny Fever; it’s the person that we remember, nothing else. Be a goddamn personality again. Actually live up the name and BE TALENT ONCE AGAIN! Think there’s nothing new or innovative to do? Find it! Try at least. This isn’t trying. This is being lazy. This is UNTALENTED.

But Dennis, this is just one blog post, you might say. It’s not. It’s in every aspect of what these people do on the air, on the web, and in person. Stop passing along someone else’s content and start creating your own once again. Try it. See what happens. If I’m wrong what the fuck did you lose? Time? Big deal. Trust me, plenty of you have the time to waste being something better than what you are right now!

Next one you go do something stop and think for 5 seconds “Is THIS really the best I can do?” I dare any of you to explain to me why this is considered good content. Explain to me why this level of laziness is acceptable. Please! Somebody, ANYBODY! A jock/air talent/DJ, Program Director, Production, intern, former or current radio employees, one of you! Hell, tag someone else in the comments and have them explain it to me.

I’m in no way picking on this person or any one person; the industry as whole is guilty of this.

(Disclaimer: there very few of you who are doing good stuff, and I love you for it. You know who you are with me. But I ask you to stand up with me. Hold your coworkers accountable for their content)

Please for the love of radio, which I still hold near to my heart (for better or for worse) please try to do better. If not for me, for the listener. For yourself. Are you proud of yourself for putting out content like this? Are you? I wouldn’t be. I’m not even involved in the entertainment side of radio any more, and I wouldn’t post this on my Facebook (not at least without attempting to attach an original/interesting comment to it).

Do you even have the guts to print this rant out and post it in the studio for the rest of the talent to see? I doubt it. Don’t challenge me, challenge yourselves. Challenge each other to do better. To be better.

TL/DR: Radio people, you’re all lazy and I hate you for it. Please stop making me hate you. Make me love you and this business again. Thank you. </rant>

One last point: This rant took me 5min to write, with just my thumbs, on my phone, as I was walking from a train to a bus. And it’s more interesting than the video I attached here. It doesn’t take that much work to be better.