Getting ready for the big event.

The South End Art Hop, for those of you who don’t live in Burlington Vermont, is a massive extravaganza where a crapton of artists from this incredibly artsy and creative corner of the world show their work, have Open Studios, and throw a 3-day party about art. Basically, the south end of Burlington (centered around Pine Street) gets turned into a giant super hip art mall.

This is my first year having a studio space ever in the South End, despite having lived in Burlington a lot of my life. Now I’ve moved back to Vermont after eight years in Portland, Oregon, and I am lucky enough to work out of an art studio at the SPACE Gallery on Pine Street.

For anyone who has attended this event, I’m in Jake Rifken’s space. (The one with the Barbie Gumball machine, a collaborative work between the two of us.) Jake’s beautiful wire sculptures will be hanging high overhead and I will have a huge spread of art out at eye level all night Friday, all day Saturday into the night, and all day Sunday. Showing a lot of originals you generally only get to see prints of, dragging out some cool old things, and bringing forth a bunch of new stuff. Much of it is quite affordable, and there will be art pieces that are really unique, some made especially for Art Hop. Tiny artworks, framed original sketches, one of a kind pin buttons, as well as a brand new batch of Honey Heads (a creepy little modified doll project made collaboratively also with sculptor Jake Rifken.) Also prints, cards, magnets… the usual magical sparkly suspects I bring out to market days and sell on my website.

If we’re all lucky, I’ll have snacks as well. I’m thinking chocolate but we’ll see.


September 8th, Friday: 5 pm — 10 pm (or later! usually midnight) September 9th, Saturday: 10 am — 10 pm
September 10th, Sunday: 11 am — 4 pm

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery
 266 Pine Street, Suite 105, Burlington, VT

Door next to the giant spaceman mural.

I’m hoping the weather holds. We’ve been getting all the rain that the western half of the country really needs. Please come out rain or shine! I’ve been working hard to get ready for this, and a lot of this stuff I’m showing has never been in front of eyes besides mine.

Wee Devil Dog canvas.
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