#UXDesign at Lambda School

I am excited to join Lambda School for several reasons.

Jibril Jaha
May 10 · 2 min read

First of all, I desperately needed a career change — I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary studies focused in biotechnology, innovation and business management and minored deaf studies.

After graduating, I had a job as a scientist at National Veterinary Laboratory and the laboratory procedure was repetitive and there was no innovation nor changes needed. So, I jumped into the startup world in SF and worked in a startup focusing on Deaf Accessibility using wearable technology, Iseewhatyousay est. 2013–2016. (source: https://www.sfgate.com/technology/article/Apps-to-help-deaf-hearing-people-communicate-5698958.php.)

Now, I work as a scooter charger for Skip and Birds scooters in Washington D.C. metro area, juggling several startup projects related — eSTEAM+D, Investment Guide for the Deaf, PahsCo and will be studying User Experience Design at Lambda School for 6 months full time.

I have a passion at developing ideas and ways to make technology for Deaf and people with disabilities accessible. I believe that UX Design at Lambda School will provide me the best resource and structure for me to succeed as a UX designer.

Lambda School’s UX Design Course is designed to develop full time students into hirable UX Designer.

Multidisciplinary course that teaches us how to design interfaces with the latest graphic design softwares like Sketch, AdobeXD, and Invision.

It will teach us UX fundamentals which are utilizing psychology and design theory to make usable products. UX techniques required to make usable, accessible, functional, valuable, findable, desirable, and credible [1] products are the following:




I will be developing a portfolio of real life products by collaborating with Lambda students, instructors and professionals.

“My definition of User Experience Design is the whole experience you want to deliver in everything that is around us.”

I believe my experience as a Deaf person, educational, and professional background can make me a strong candidate for many companies needing UX Designer related to accessibility.

More importantly, I am excited and happy to be part of the Lambda School community and utilize the best of my ability and skills to use resources to succeed at my future in #UXDesign.

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