Answering Your Most Common Questions About a Website Analysis Report

For many people, the word “audit” has a negative connotation. But in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and web design, a website audit will help you determine your site’s weaknesses and strengths. Dealership websites, for instance, need periodic audits to determine if there are pages on your site where potential leads are falling through the cracks. For those new to the concept, here’s a quick overview:

Why Do Dealerships Need Website Audits?

You can’t fix a problem that you know nothing about — and that’s what a website audit aims to address. This is especially true if your dealership has an older website as the audit will reveal shortcomings such as broken links, poor SEO, and mobile browsing unsuitability. Taking stock of where your website currently stands makes it easier to come up with concrete solutions and set specific, realistic goals (e.g. increase website visits by 5% in six months). Read more from this blog:

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