For a short introduction to Laco please check out my previous post.

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Getting an overview of actions, when they are fired and what happens to the global state object can really help debug a complex and big project.

Redux Devtools is an extension that provides an user interface where you can get an overview of actions. You can even skip and jump to actions which is usually called “time travelling”. You can also see the global state of the whole app and look into each store. The global state even changes when you jump between actions.

Redux Devtools works out of the box with Laco in development mode. There are just some features missing that you normally would have when using Redux. Although Laco works with the most important features such as time travel and being able to look into the global state object. …

DISCLAIMER: This is a very simplified and more like a step by step tutorial without much explanation. Please refer to this blog post for a more in-depth guide. A simple video is also available here and below.

Probably the most important, and most widely used Smart Contract in the Cryptocurrency space is the “multisig.” …

DISCLAIMER: This is a very specific guide and if you’re deploying your own basic contract you may want to follow this fantastic video instead.

This is a more in-depth guide but for a more straightforward guide you can follow this link.

This guide is specifically dealing with the Gnosis’ multisig wallet with daily limit contract factory which can be found here. …



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