Freedom From Your Addictions


“I can choose to let it DEFINE me, CONFINE me, REFINE me, OUTSHINE me, or I can CHOOSE to move on and leave it behind me”

To Start Changing the world, or even just YOUR world, then you have to start by changing yourself.

To change yourself you first have to be aware of any denial you have around addictions.

Addictions are actions with consequences that can lead to a sub life or worse.

You think you are in control but you are not. You think about moderation but it’s not. You think you can quit any time, but you cannot. — This is addiction

If you think you are free of addiction, try to escape and see what comes up. See how your body and brain react. Than you will find out.

Addiction is not morals and ethics.

Addiction is about cause and effect.

If Cause is excessive

Effect is often addiction

It comes down to choice…

You choose to stay locked in your cell of addiction or kill the addiction and escape.

You think you can flirt with your addictions, but you can’t. Either they are dead or they are still a threat.

Whilst YOU allow them to live, whilst YOU continue to flirt with your destiny you will always be in danger.

Addictions are funny things, they wait patiently for a way in, then they burrow deep and eventually take over.

You may not even see them coming. You may not even realise, but once they are in, they will use almost anything to stay.

Most addictions come from having low self esteem, that feeling of not being enough.

But YOU ARE enough!

What are you in denial about?

Junk Food?

Drugs (including Hard drugs, alcohol, caffeine, smoking)?



People Pleasing?

What do YOU think you are in control of, when you are not?

When your intention is clear, you will destroy your addictions, when you are not, they will always come back, justifying why its ok is just an excuse.

When you are ready to to remove an addiction, you KNOW how to do it.

You are either in or out. Courting addiction is NOT an option, if your goal is freedom, then cut addictions loose.

Many people will not move forwards out of fear, addictions closest friend. They live side by side to keep you locked away, justifying your existence.

But who wants to exist, when you can truly live?

You either choose to exist or to live. Survive or to Thrive.

To live your life on your terms, you choose to first find peace with yourself.

Recognise that you are enough.

You are powerful beyond measure.

You are worthy.

So make your intentions clear. Take your power back and remove your addictions, or be forever stuck.

Truth, Courage & Happiness

Dean x



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