Books, 2021

Just flat out good, clean, well-written joy

I’m late to the Robert Caro party. As the article describes it, Caro’s favorite theme is “the acquisition and use of power.”


I mentioned the Caro book to a friend, who told me that the assigned reading in the one Political Science class he took in college started with The Godfather (Puzo) — so I read it. The assignment makes a lot of sense.


Freedom (Junger) really surprised me. It landed well for me and made sense. A world of pain, and quiet, and, well, you keep walking because that’s all there is to do. To me it was a book about where your brain goes when you just keep going. It reminded me, a little, of Kerouac’s On the Road; the difference is that Junger’s book had a point, some sympathetic characters, etc.



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