Make tweets by @realDonaldTrump Comic Sans Again

Last night on Twitter, formatting DJT’s tweets in Comic Sans scrolled by. This morning, it seemed like a good Chrome extension to write. I wasn’t the first to write one to do this.

It also works on sites that embed his tweets. Below, the Washington Post:

You can see another example at

You can install it at the Chrome webstore. Here’s a pretty picture of what you’ll see there:

And source code is here for people who want to play with it:


Updated: new version fixes both these issues. Still thinking about the puppies.

.It is a little flakey… sometimes I need to hit refresh on for the fonts to change.

Also, it needs to handle the case of scrolling to the end of the twitter page and the dynamic reload. I’ll go work on that now.

I guess another feature would be replacing these tweets with puppies.


And many thanks to Andy Zeigler for the help with shadow DOM challenges (and more).

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