Why go for PHP Laravel for Building a Web Application?

When it comes to app development, there are various options to choose from. The crucial choice that a developer has to make is about opting a framework to write clean and reusable code that helps him to develop a project smoothly. PHP has got many frameworks including Ruby on Rails, Spring, Symphony, Yii2, Laravel and many more. Out of these according to trends and specification Laravel is leading the league of frameworks. The reason why it has got such a high position is mentioned below!

· Object Oriented Libraries: One feature which is not found in any other PHP frameworks is that it has Object Oriented libraries and many other pre-installed ones. It also has many advanced features such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, Cross-site request Forgery and encryption.

· Database Query Builder: Laravel provides fluent interface for running database queries. Any issues regarding the database can be well sorted out through this tool.

· Multiple file System: Laravel 5 supports multiple file system as it uses third party package Flysystem. It allows the use of any local or cloud based storage to provide simple configuration. You can also bypass all file system façade in the application and work directly disk façade.

· Artisan tool: Laravel comes with a build-in tool for command-line called Artisan. This tool performs the majority of task which is monotonous and developers avoid performing manually.

· Security: While creating an application it is very important to take care of its security for which you need to use one or the other means. But in case of Laravel Web Development you don’t have to think of other sources as it is already included in the framework. You can easily store password as plain text in the database. It uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating encrypted representation of a password.

· Laracasts: Laravel offers Laracasts which features mix of free and paid video tutorials that shows you how to use laravel. Their philosophy is to provide high quality and concise lessons that help the developer to deliver the best of his potential.

· Caching: Caching refers to a temporary data that can be retrieved quickly and is used to reduce the times we need to access database or other remote services. Laravel Caching is an excellent tool to keep the application fast and responsive.

All these features are enough to conclude that Laravel is the best framework of PHP which is suitable for all types of projects. If you are searching for a reliable Php Development Company you may easily find them on various search engines and you are good to go for getting your web app built.