A Letter To My Psychotherapist

Dear Dr. Donna, 
It has been almost a year now… and I still don’t want to get out of bed!
I choose to come to your office for therapy every other week; I hope that you are now familiar with my larger issues and chemical imbalances. I enjoy our bi-weekly appointments and I have LOADS of stories that I want to share with you. We never have enough time and I don’t have enough money so I thought that I would start writting letters just to let you know how I feel.

I choose to write these letters in the form of a blog so that I do not misspel anythng (as I have a tendency to do) and because I want to share music, videos and quotes that might help you to understand my perspective. 
Here is an example of what you might expect in the future:

Dear Dr. Donna, I feel as though whenever I see you we only talk about my medications and the weather. Why is that? My health insurance and bank account prohibit us from meeting as often as we might need and these time constaints prohibit you from dong your job…

In my mind: you have a paid position as a psychotherapist, entrusted with the task of molding me into a functional and productive member of society.

You might disagree with me about your role in my recovery but you probably want to make me ‘better’… and what is ‘better’ anyway?

Lyrics curtesy of AZlyrics.com

Take this pill now and put it on your tongue
keeps you actin’, just like everyone
keeps you from feeling good, bad, ugly, crazy, dumb
it ain’t a drug god-dammit! I give it to my only son!
well, noone’s gonna get arrested, noone’s having any fun
doctor’s orders: you feel your heart beating go ahead and take you one!
and now you’re dumber than a singin saw
playing uncomfortably numb
its a thorazine work party with free fluoride bubble gum
man you wander like a zombie out into the midday sun

I will write again when the mood strikes me.
Thank you for listening