15 Weeks

Dear Squid,

Well time is just going stupidly quickly now!

Your dad and I headed away to Pemberton for a little getaway last weekend, there was no internet (you’ll learn the importance of that later) and we had close to zero plans. It was so lovely to just hang out together, enjoying each other’s company. We talked about names for you, ideas we had around education, important things for the years to come.

With taking time out of our normal routine (& with it getting close to Christmas) not much is happening in terms of preparation for your arrival. Next week is our next appointment with the midwife to see how you and I are going. I suspect I’m putting on a little too much weight for this early, oops! I’m just making sure you’ve got extra padding.

Your Mimmi is going to come along to our appointment and she should get to see you too — that is something I’m definitely looking forward to sharing with her. Your Mimmi, my mum, is one of my best friends, biggest supporters and is just generally pretty wonderful. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She is going to LOOOVE you! We all are.

Keep growing, little one.


Your Mama

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