Dear Squid,

I would be ok if you slept a bit more during the day, just saying. There are lots of kicks to the butt from the inside, which is one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever experienced.

This week we also had some really strong kicks and movements that your dad could feel. According to the app, you’re starting to figure out which way is up & you’ll be making your way south in preparation for winter/your arrival.

You’re also putting on weight very rapidly, about 200g a week which is a lot when it’s 20% of your body weight! I can tell you’re growing, because I am! It’s always a fun game to find out which pieces of clothing no longer fit when they did last week.

I’m still enjoying this whole being pregnancy adventure. It’s wonderful and I’m grateful for you dad allowing me to sleep a lot.

Did I tell you we started your room? It looks so lovely & fresh. We’ve picked curtains now too and I’m hoping we can put them up over the coming weeks.

I think we’re coming close to having settled on names for you, whichever gender you are. It’s strange not knowing. I would really like to but I also know it will be the greatest surprise.

Next week your last remaining grandparents that haven’t seen you yet will be coming to our appointment. I’ll be glad when it’s just your dad & I again, but I’m grateful to give them the opportunity to see you and be involved in this journey.

It won’t be long before we’re looking at birth plans, going for additional tests and immunisations and really preparing for your arrival.

I’ll just enjoy limbo a little while longer.

Keep growing, little one.


Your Mama.