Dear Squid,

Would you look at that? Another week closer to your arrival.

I got to have my iron infusion last week and it has already started making a difference. I’m sleeping better, waking better and a lot more productive. It’s really nice to feel a bit more like myself and more capable.

I’ve had no foggy days since my last letter which is really nice — for everyone involved!

This past weekend was so full and lovely. We celebrated my getting a year older with my family and with your Dad’s. Saturday I got to spend the whole day with your Dad, we had lots of bits and pieces to do and it was so nice. We haven’t done that in such a long time. Sunday was more relaxed and I saw some of your “aunts” to celebrate your impending arrival — a high tea in the city. It was a beautiful day and so so lovely to spend some time with my favourite women.

There aren’t too many more days of work left (fifteen to be precise, but who’s counting?) and it feels like time is going quite quickly. Between appointments, social engagements and trying to fit everything in, I seem to be booking things in weeks in advance, just to make sure they get seen to.

This weekend, your Dad & I have the hospital antenatal class. We’re both a little nervous, having been told a large number of things about what private hospitals are like, particularly with people wanting less interventions/more natural births. I’m going to reserve judgement until after the class and the hospital interview. Who would have thought there’d be so much to such a natural function?

Gosh this all feels a little serious, doesn’t it?

Did I tell you that I’ve no clue what gender you are? I was convinced for so long that you’re a boy but a lot of people have been predicting girl, a site of old wives tales predicts girl for the majority & even strangers think you’re a girl! There’s not long until we find out but my goodness — the anticipation!!

I’m still loving feeling all your movements. There are lots of time outs at work for butt smooshing, I’ve no idea what you’re doing in there but you LOVE to move (as you’re doing just now). I am going to miss feeling you wriggle around but I can’t wait for real world snuggles.

Keep growing, little one (not too much though)


Your Mama

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