Dear Squid,

My goodness, little one, there are not many days now before you join us! While that date is still unknown, it feels both very soon but not tomorrow-soon. Your room is ready, though you’ll be in our room for a while, most of the things have been purchased or there are plans to purchase them once you arrive, we have lists of things to take, snacks are prepared & available. For now, it’s just time to enjoy the peace and quiet and relax before you are ready to join us.

We had Mother’s Day over the weekend and I thought it might be a bit special for me too seeing as you’re so close to joining us, unfortunately that didn’t quite work out the way I hoped so it was a bit of a sad day. It left me thinking “what constitutes a mother?” I know that I have dreamed of you for far longer than I can recall, I feel you in my bones, I love you without having met you and I spend a lot of time thinking about the life I want to create for you. I know that I am a mother, you have made me so.

That being said, your Uncle & I managed to thoroughly spoil our mum, your Nanny and we really enjoyed being able to do so.

I’m starting to take things a little more easily now, I had too many things booked in for earlier this week and needed to cancel in order to just relax and not feel quite so exhausted. It feels so great to use the down time to be productive though, long outstanding errands are finally getting done, creative projects can be seen through to completion and the freezer is slowly being stocked with delicious food that is (hopefully) easy to prepare once time is more limited.

Our last doctor appointment showed that you’re still in the right position and slowly starting to engage, not fully engaged yet but I think I’ll feel when you are. I don’t have Strep B which is excellent — no requirement for antibiotics while I’m in labour.

In preparation for your arrival, I have my birthing affirmations up, people around me that believe in & have experienced positive births and the more I talk about it to the unfamiliar, the more conviction I have in our ability to bring you earth side. I’m going to enjoy the down time before our lives change forever!

Keep wriggling, little one.


Your Mama

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