BTW, who did the illo? I love it!
Chuck Dixon

Thank you, Herr Dixon. The cartoon was drawn by Yours Truly.

I have not made any assumptions about you or your character, and you are being awfully cagey about what you consider “libelous”. One can easily assess your opinions about the state of superhero comics from your Facebook banner (which I notice you have replaced in the past day, but here is what it was last week:, and I think they line up exactly with what I am saying. You described yourself as being “to the right of Genghis Khan” in your interview with Milo Yakkowakkodotoulos, and it is worth noting that Theodore Beale proudly used my description of his having “two feet planted firmly in the Reichstag” in a press release.

Beale’s project oozes with fascist sentiments that are recorded in one blog post after another. The money is being raised from Beale’s fan base of Jew-bashing orcs through a crowdfunding platform that explicitly caters to neo-Nazis. And you are canoodling with this guy…why?

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