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What if

What if 2020 wasn’t like this? For many of us, this has been a year of challenges. Of physical worry. With mental damage. And with breaking hearts. We’ve become immune to rising death totals and face masks. We’ve adapted to lockdown and we have done our best to keep calm and carry on.

There’s no way to say it, this has been a hell of a year. Society as we knew it has changed. Old footage of crowds feels anachronistic, and slightly terrifying. OK, very terrifying. But they were good times. …

On 10 September, One Team Gov will be running an event on the theme of Suicide Prevention #OTGSP. In this post, we announce our second set of collaborators.

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An events illustrator draws the One Team Gov logo at our Global Unconference in July 2018.

If you already know you want to sign up you can do so here:

A little about our Contributors

Paul Vittles recently posted to announce our first set of contributors, and we’re thrilled follow up with the speakers that will be completing our line up for our Suicide prevention event #OTGSP for World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September.

We’ve tried to curate a line up that is diverse, to reflect the society that we live in. We hope that you learn more about suicide prevention and that this gives you an opportunity for reflection.

Please note: many of our speakers have ‘lived experience of suicide’ which is included within the descriptions offered below; if you feel that you might find this information upsetting, please consider whether you want to read on. …

That’s a title to conjure with. Perhaps you wondered what I’m talking about. Perhaps you scrolled on by, then thought you wanted to know more. Perhaps you felt uncomfortable.

Suicide is a fact in our society. But it’s not something that we widely talk about. One Team Gov believe it should be.

On 19 August,we “took over” One Team Gov breakfast meetup — inviting Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) and Mental Health Advocates (MHAs) from across the public sector to join us and start an important conversation about Suicide Prevention.

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A photo of a display at One Team gov Wellbeing Camp in Leeds, June 2019. The photo shows a heart shaped lightbox, on it reads “You matter always”

This was a precursor to an event we will be running on 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day, or #WSPD2020. We know that things are better when we design them together, and when we create spaces to develop new relationships and build on ideas and conversations. …

How One Team Gov are creating a safe space to have the hard discussions at #OTGSP #WSPD2020

Each year, 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day, designed to raise awareness of the human tragedy of suicide and also raise awareness of (practical) steps we can all take to help save lives.

One Team Gov are running an event #OTGSP #WSPD2020 taking place on 10 September 2020 2–5pm. You can sign up using the link below:

If I attend, how will you look after me?

We recognise that this is a hard subject to talk about and deal with, and we recognise that we need to create a safe space for people to listen and share. We’ve put the following in place to help create this:

  1. We will have a range of resources available for attendees, these will include signposting to relevant charity support services, and have build a comprehensive list of all of the Employee Assistance Services within each of the main Government Departments. …

GovCamp North centres around a community of people who are passionate about building better public services to improve people’s lives. We aim to break down boundaries between people and to help wider conversations happen. We believe that conversation can be the catalyst for change.

At GovCamp North we aim to bring together the government community in the North of England, giving a space to think radically about the problems that we are facing.

Who should attend?

· Government, public service, and third sector employees — whether you are representing your employer or attending as an individual

· Elected representative and politicians — at any…

All in this together

It started as a twitter conversation. Another “not just London” feeling. A wish to make a change. And the only way to make a change is to, well, make it.

So here we are.

We are your planning team for GovCamp North.

When we started planning this, we realised that we need to use the principles of the established UK GovCamp, but we also needed to think about how we could make this relevant and accessible to everyone.

UK GovCamp has traditionally been run in London at the weekend. Which means if you want to go, there’s a commitment in terms of being away from home and family. …

Notes of the week, not a weekly note

Well, here I am again.

It has been a really, really long time since I put fingers to keys to weeknote, but there’s been a lot happening so I thought I would heed my own advice and write less regular notes of my week when I’ve got something to say.

TLDR: you won’t be hearing from me every week.

But anyways, here I am

Well hello there Angela Lansbury!

So, how have you been? Have you enjoyed the sunshine/rain? Any summer hols to speak of? Hope you’re all keeping well.

I’ve started a new job! I’m still at DWP Digital, but on a different problem. And I’m part of a Programme too, which is very different in terms of planning, governance and stakeholders. …

OneTeamGov is run by a group of volunteers who have a shared passion for making a difference. One of the events we will be running is the Wellbeing Camp on 6 June in Leeds OneTeamGov Wellbeing

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Gail Peck

Gail Peck is co-leading on the attendee experience for Wellbeing Camp, and has written here to tell us more about the day, with support from Debbie and Sam to publish.

Introducing Gail

I currently work for HM Revenue & Customs leading lead Team Chaffinch, the team responsible for developing and implementing the award winning A-Z to Better Wellbeing Toolkit (AZ2BW), a one stop digital resource that makes wellbeing fun, informative and accessible for all.

My passion for wellbeing started with my own personal journey. Wellbeing became important to me when I moved to the UK having lived and worked in the Philippines, Middle East, Arizona and Florida. …

Goodness it’s hard to get back into the swing of weeknoting when you’ve been off it for a while!

This week has felt really, really long. I’ve a couple of days off next week and I’m really looking forward to them. Just need to figure out how to reconfigure my brain so I don’t wake up really early!

These things happened (more than these things happened):

  • Team ways of working session: We have spent a long time as a team working in agile-ish, attempting to follow some agile disciplines whilst delivering what has essentially been a waterfall conversion. So we took a day out and spent some time, as a team, to recap how ceremonies work, what they do, what the inputs and outputs are, and who does what. …

The new year begins….1–11 Jan

I’m going to make a conscious effort to weeknote more this year. This might end up being fortnightly or month notes, but I’m sure you’d prefer quality over quantity dear reader.

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The New Year for me began with a 6am alarm clock. Yes, some of you were still out or just coming in as I was getting up. And that was for one reason — my Grandma’s 100th birthday!! She is an inspiration: 100 and still living on her own. We took up decs, cake, fizz and made sure she had a lovely morning, as our part of the 2 day birthday extravaganza. It was made extra special by a shout out on Radio 2 courtesy of my lovely hubs, and treats from McVities (she worked there when it was Carr’s), Carlisle United and Corrie, courtesy of my brother. …


Debbie Blanchard

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. #DWPproud to be a Product Owner. Part of #TeamWeeknotes. Wife. Views and musings all my own.

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