This is my #OneTeamGov, what’s yours?

Debbie Blanchard
Apr 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Inspired by Prateek Buch’s fabulous post, I thought I’d have a go at explaining what the One Team Gov movement means to me.

One Team Gov developed from a conversation between Kit Collingwood and James Reeve, and aims to bring government together to make things better: breaking down barriers and talking shared problems and goals, and removing siloed thinking.

I wanted first of all to reiterate that this movement grew from a conversation. That’s all. And that’s everything. A chat that can light a spark of revolution that has now become a flame, and a flame that’s spreading.

But that’s maybe taking the metaphor a little too far.

I’m a career civil servant. I’ve been “in” for 15 years, and I have spent all my time in one Department. I’m also proudly Northern: I was born here, I went university here, I work and live here.

Work used to be very much concentrated on “the job”. On meeting the outcomes for my Department, and doing the best I can for citizens. But a move into the Digital space and a discovery of One Team Gov has changed that.

I’ve been inspired by One Team Gov to lift my head up. To look at where I can work with other Departments and (spoilers!) people outside government to spot opportunities to make a difference. To recognise the value of building a relationship and starting a conversation.

The One Team Gov movement is gaining legitimacy. There are more people becoming aware of the need to think about how government works, to make it more able to test, fail, learn and improve. To be less traditional, and think about the best way to make a difference.

This requires a commitment and a shared sense of purpose throughout all departments, grades and geographies. This also needs us to empower people. To trust that they will still do “the day job” and deliver whilst also contributing to a movement of wider change.

For me, One Team Gov:

  • empowers people to start a conversation, and to learn
  • is willing to try, fail, learn and be better
  • shares: shares data and best practice to do the best thing
  • puts people first.
  • is welcoming: recognising and embracing diversity.
  • is one team.
  • One. Team. Gov.

I am proud to be a small part of a movement aiming for this. A movement that recognises there is more power in collective effort, and that together we can be the change we want to see. Let’s make government better.

That’s #MyOneTeamGov — what’s yours?

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