If You Are Voting for Trump, Please Unfollow Me

To My Network: If you are not my family, and you are voting for Trump, please unfriend/unfollow me immediately. I don’t want to be associated with you. Thanks in advance.

Harsh, right? I’m done being silent.

I drip out bits and pieces during elections, but typically I stay pretty silent to the most part on social media. You know who I’m voting for but I’m not strong in trying to change anyone’s opinions. Largely, I’m ok with diffferent opinions and beliefs as long as they aren’t down-right offensive. During Obama’s first term of being elected, I viewed the comments on my stream and wiped out a good amount of my network, as I really didn’t understand how any of those people could possibly support Romney. More than that, I realized how many of them were flat out racist. They simply did not want a black president, period. I didn’t cause a commotion, get into debates with people, comment on their racists status updates, etc. I just simply hit the unfriend button and called it a day.

If you are deciding to vote for Trump, I consider you unintelligent.

There I said it. You aren’t good at doing your research and you are simply ok with being lead down a path by surface foolery & a few ideas about ‘returning this country back to what made it great’ — which I still want to understand exactly what point of that hit a fondness nerve with you. This is not a joke or an episode of SNL. Did everyone that’s reading this not live through 911 and the SHEER TERROR we all felt for months? Let’s call it a solid year of being numb by the events that occurred, not to mention a lifetime of never feeling completely safe of something of that magnitude happening again? We often talk about how much debt Obama put us as a nation in. What about the debt that 911 put the country in that tricked down to Obama to repair? How could he pick up the mic after that and turn the house down?!

Then I ask you to really ask yourself this, When exactly was this moment in time when America was ‘great’? Now imagine Trump being the head of our controls should a 911 type incident happen during his term. He is ultimately in control at that point and we are putting our lives and the future of your children in his hands. I know most things the President is crippled with making change, there are multiple layers involved and change is hard when there are a lot of opposing views. But something as severe as 911, they make the call. I’m beyond frightened at the thought of this. And again, not in that joking SNL kind of way. The kind of way that is in horror flicks that make me literally have to close my eyes in terror.

I’m shocked at watching the media change over time. A short 12 months has certain reporters going from haters to supporters. Why? Fear of him winning and you being out of a job? I really want answers here. This is not a popularity contest in high school and everyone just follows the herds here people. This is real life, our lives —Black, White, Puerto Rican and Haitian lives — a blended existence of people’s lives that matter who make up the fabric of our society that we are so lucky to live in. This country, this great, great country called America. And we are leaving it to chance. Our freedoms, the ones that we fought so hard to leave our old countries to be a part of (shock horror, we are all from somewhere else originally. We are all immigrants. Heck, your last name wasn’t even your heritages real last name probably if you explore your blood lines. But that’s another story, for another day.)

You’re allowing this to happen, each and every day that you support this man. You are living in this high school fantasy that he’s a good businessman. He’s a great speaker. He can run this country like a business, reducing the countries debt, blocking people from coming in to make their lives better, and believing that he can help negotiate his way through peace with other country leaders. I’m not pulling these reasons out of my ass, these are real reasons I have heard from Trump supporters trying to sway my opinion into their nonsense that they have convinced themselves into believing. To the most inept person on the internet where you aren’t setting up news feeds and google alerts to stay on top of what is being said on both sides, there is this tool that you can use to get more informed.

I’ll make it super easy for you

All you have to do is go to Google! Type in Trump.

There you can get educated. It’s not the kind of education like watching your news channels or podcasters on repeat. It’s the kind of news that is on both and all sides. There you will find articles that look just like this one that I found today:


After you’re done hitting the unfollow button, on any and all social media platforms we are connected on, please do let your fingers do the walking and get yourself as educated as you possibly can before going into the polls. Please stop talking about these things around the water cooler at work, at dinner parties at your doctor parent’s house who want to reform ObamaCare. Dig deeper. Read. Look around and find enough evidence as if you were looking to go on a first date with someone from the internet and you want to collect as much data as possible on this person to figure out if they are an axe murderer or rapist.

Thanks for reading. The end of the rant is now upon us.

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