Top 5 Common Home Staging Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Top 5 Common Home Staging Mistakes That You Should Avoid

You should not skip home staging if you are keen on getting your Lake Zoar real estate sold for the best price. A successful home staging can make the difference between a property that moves fast and one that languishes on the market unsold. However, there are several mistakes that can sabotage even the best home staging efforts. Steer clear of them by reading the list below.

1. Not taking advantage of natural light

Since most people love natural light, a home that looks dark will not be appealing to buyers of Lake Zoar homes for sale. When staging your home, avoid blocking off any light with heavy curtains or furniture because this can hurt your sale. This is especially true if your home has attractive views.

2. Using outdated items

Anything that appears to be outdated in a home is a turnoff to potential buyers of Lake Zoar waterfront homes. This includes outdated wallpaper and window coverings which can drastically impair a buyer’s ability to picture themselves in your home.

3. Not having the house cleaned

Sellers also often make the mistake of forgetting to thoroughly clean their home. Even if you hire the service of a professional home stager, neglecting to deep clean your home before a showing can spell disaster. Work on making your home look spotless. Buyers will not hesitate to put an offer in on a house that looks and feels clean and well taken care of.

4. Using dark paint colors

A few coats of fresh paint can make wonders to a home. However, you need to know which colors will work best on your home. As much as possible, stick to simple, neutral color palette, such as beige tones, gray tones, or pale green. Also painting inside and out with a new white trim coat can make your home stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood.

5. Not putting away certain items

You need to remove any item that may detract buyers. These include your personal treasures and collections. Put your antique dolls, beanie babies, and beer cans in a box. Remember to also keep political items because this could keep someone from even considering buying your house. Dead things like moose heads, deer, wolves, turkeys, and anything stuffed also have the potential to creep buyers out.

Avoiding making common home staging mistakes will often sell your home more quickly and for more money. Visit today for more home selling ideas.

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