Just another Day in Life. — 1

Well, here I am again. What has been happening? Not much, just a kidney or bladder infection that I have to go to the dr. for. Why I can’t just give a sample at the lab and have the doc write a script, is beyond me. So I wait for an appointment. yeah. Just what I feel like doing. GRRRRRrrrr

I promised I would try to write every day. I hope my life isn’t so boring as this every day, or I’d fall asleep writing it while you read it.

Actually that would be kind of neat. As soon as the words appear (bad grammar and spelling included) you would be in my world with me. In my head.

Yes. You are now inside my head. Say hello to the other bizzarro what nots in there. It’s a regular side show.

“To the right we have childhood.” Barks the announcer. “And in the middle, we have…. tut tut — watch where your steppin’ there it gets a little murky sometimes….. Teenager, well, almost teenager…. Like I said it gets murky and dangerous further in we go. Eventually on the left is fragments of memories, some are locked away. (But I hold the keys, announcer whispers) And some others are memories that don’t belong to her. You know, the ones that people talk about so often that you think it’s real or you were there. Watch your step folks, it’s a slippery slope through here.”

(My Voice (mv)) “Crazy? not crazy, maybe crazy? did I imagine it? was it real? a dream?” Other voices, coming in and out, jumbled and loud….. “She’s a bad seed.” One female voice says. “Who’d want you, are you serious. Oh my god. She is. (laughter)” says a younger male voice. “Hey, where ya goin’, Honey? I’m not done with you yet.” says a gruff slurred voice of a man.

“Well, says announcer, if you’ve come this far without screaming and running away, then I guess you can handle the real slimey, grotesque, cruel and ….(louder) ARE WE HAVING FUN OR WHAT?” Announcer slowly sinks into the mess,the brain; and you are standing in this mess that is my entire life.

to be continued….

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