The Worlds Greatest Mom is too great.

Hello again. I thought I might as well do some writing since I have to stay awake for over 24 hours. I’ll try not to slip off into gibberish if I write some time further into this medical marathon.

I don’t know why they call it a sleep study. It really makes zero sense. I stay awake without any caffeine for 30 hours. Then travel 65 miles to the nearest big city so they can tell “if I am sleep deprived.” Say what? You’re kidding me right? 30 hours, no caffeine, travel and hour just to tell me I have a sleep problem. Sounds like the way our government works.

I am thankfully not the driver, my son will drive. But I have chronic fatigue, so am I going to be sleepy for this test? HELL,YES. I’ll have to use a rubber band on my wrist if I feel myself start to doze. I unfortunately have nodded off during conversations with my youngest daughter where she jarred me to consciousness with”MOM! you aren’t even listening!” I respond “yes I am, with my eyes shut. I can understand why you’re upset but what do you think you should do about it?” At which point I have become the worlds greatest mom. She gives her answer and hugs me and happily walks away. To this day I have been sorry for that approach. We have had rats for pets, snakes, wounded birds, cats and field mice. I’ve decided that sometimes the Worlds Greatest Mom is too great.

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